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About Me

I'm Zeyad

Software Engineer

Based in Cairo,Egypt

Hi! My name is Zeyad Tarek. I am a Backend Engineer, and I'm very passionate and dedicated to my work.

With 2 years experience as a backend Engineer, I have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to make your project a success.

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  • What I Do

    My Skills

    I offer high quality web development work. My main goal is best user experience, which I obtain through my endeavor and expertise.

  • Service

    Back-End Development

    Node.js, Express.js, MySQL, Laravel

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  • service

    Front-End Development

    React.js, Next.js, Bootstrap, TailwindCSS

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My Resume

I enjoy every step of the design process, from discussion and collaboration to concept and execution

  • Education

    • Computer Engineering

      Cairo University
      2019 - Now

      Cumulative GPA: 3.8

    • Secondary School

      ElObour Experimental Language High School
      2016 - 2019

      Grade: 98.3%

  • Experience

    • Backend Engineer

      Feb 2023 - Running
    • Software Engineer

      MLH Fellowship
      May 2022 - Aug 2022

      • Working with Solana Labs Company on dApp Scaffold.
      • Developing Solana Bounty Program.

    • Backend Engineer

      Master Micro
      Jul 2022 - Aug 2022

      • Working on developing the website and enhancing the database performance.

    • Open Source Contributor

      GirlScript Summer Of Code
      Mar 2022 - May 2022

      • Contributed in many open source projects.

    • Software Engineering Intern

      Nahr Development
      Mar 2021 - Nov 2021

      • Responsible for designing and implementing responsive web pages.

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